Tips for Purchasing Mobile Toilets

Do you remember, looking frantically for holes at a camping site, using the shoreline as a bathroom or facing embarrassment on being “caught in the act” when you couldn’t wait and it was time to go? Thanks to mobile and prefabricated toilets all these problems are now a thing of the past! You don’t have to waste time running around looking for a bathroom. The portable bathroom system provides you a private, secure and easy way to ‘do your business’ when you don’t have any other option.

What are portable toilets? They are prefabricated toilets consisting of gravity fed holding tanks, which are used to manage human waste in an efficient way. This technology is generally used at various places like camp sites, big events and fairs, huge weddings, big markets etc. Basically, anywhere where the gathering is huge and the existing brick and mortar toilets cannot handle the overload. Today even government schools, bus stands, and railways stations especially in India make use of these toilets to eliminate the practice of open defecation.


Prefab toilets are becoming quite popular in the fishing arena, camp sites, among hikers, bikers and family picnics. If you want to purchase a portable toilet, consider the following points to make a wise decision.

1. Steel Toilet:

If the portable toilet is for businesses, organizations or your home, then the stainless steel toilet is definitely the investment you’ll want to make. It is better than fibre unit in terms of sturdiness, product life, maintenance, hygiene, eco-friendliness and scrap value.

2. Compact & Lightweight:

If you want to avoid dirty public bathrooms while traveling, and are averse to squat-in-the-woods, we suggest you purchase a compact, lightweight, odor free prefabricated toiletswith a plastic liner that is easy to carry and set up while traveling.


3. Comfort & Strength:

Look for a design and ask for one from mobile toilet manufacturers that comes with a double side wall panel system for additional strength and comfort, a smooth surface inside and out for easy cleaning, a proper fold down seat to provide you with a hygienic experience that replicates a home-based toilet in virtually every way.


4. Easy Installation:

The toilet should be weather resistant with PVD-coated interiors, an integrated vent system that can be assembled and installed easily on the site thereby saving time and transportation costs.


5. Carry Handle:

Check the handles for sturdiness! Given that a full tank can be pretty heavy, a strong and durable handle will make it easier for transporting the waste.


6. Vacuum Release:

As a part of the flushing process, the waste tank uses a vacuum. Look for a vacuum release which permits a smooth, even flow when disposing the wastewater.


7. Mounting brackets:

Check the mounting brackets carefully and choose the ones (fore-and-aft or side-to-side) that best suit your intended location.


8. Tank Capacity:

Tank capacity is based on the usage. However, smaller tanks tend to serve the purpose perfectly, unless it is a weekend getaway.


9. Spare Waste Tank:

Want to increase your capacity without increasing the size of the portable toilet? Grab a spare waste tank.


10. Seat Dimension:

Given that there is no standard seat dimension, it is important to take a proper look at the seat and make a decision that you will not regret.


There are numerous mobile toilet manufacturers engaged in supplying portable toilets which can be customized to meet the specific requirements of their customers. Keep the above 10 pointers in mind before purchasing a unit that is convenient for you and your business needs.

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