To get the best out of your wine, remember to always store it properly. A cool, dark place free from vibrations with good humidity is the perfect place for it. And, remember to store your wine horizontally!

An aged wine is a beautiful thing to be enjoyed by many. However, proper wine storage makes all the difference when it comes to flavor and character. Although it contains alcohol content, it is not enough to keep it from going bad. Those bottles that you keep months or even just a couple of weeks, can be strongly influenced by how they are stored. The requirements for storage vary from wine to wine. Most of today's wines will not improve with age, and should be drank within a year from bottling. However, the type of wines that will improve with age, only do when stored properly. Here are the basics to get the most out of every bottle of wine you love!

Temperature is the most influential factor for developing your wine. For the best results, the wine should be kept in a wine locker at a constant 55-60 degrees range. There isn't a formula for how higher temperatures can alter the aging of wine, but the general rule is each year over 55, accelerating the aging by 1 year. Humidity is key to maintaining the effectiveness of your cork. The cork is there to keep air away from your wine. When oxidation happens, it will degrade the wine. The humidity should be around 70% for the cork to maintain its shape. When the humidity gets over 80%, mold could become an issue. Mold doesn't affect the wine, but it can ruin the label.

Your wine should also be stored in darkness so that UV rays cannot alter it. This is why traditional wine bottles are colored. It's also important to keep your wine in a place where there is no vibration. Vibration can stir up sediment and can mess with the aging. Corks are porous, so your wine locker needs to be free from any odors. You'll want to keep it stored far away from things like household chemicals, or food. Such as vinegar— It has a strong smell, and if it comes in contact with your bottle, it could ruin your wine.

The bottles need to be kept horizontally. You want to make sure no air comes in contact with your wine. If your home does not have a cellar, you may want to think about buying a wine refrigerator. They range from holding just a few bottles to 500 bottles. Or, you may want to look at your local options of a wine locker. Many storage facilities will keep your wine for a low fee, and even host wine tasting events. After you open a bottle, try to finish it within 2 or 3 days. Once oxidation has occurred, the degradation of the wine has started. There are several options for preserving wine, but most of them are worthless. Your best bet is to say Bottoms up!

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