Are you running a business? Do you hold an important position in a large corporate? If so, then you must be receiving a dozens of important phone calls in a day. But what happens to the calls when you are busy in a meeting or may be travelling out of city? The calls go to your answering machine, right? But isn’t it a headache to go through all the messages and then find out the important ones to call back? If yes, then a 24 hour answering service is an perfect solution for the problem.

If you are a little sceptic about it, then here are 6 reasons why an answering service is far better than an answering machine:


1) The human touch: No one likes to talk to a machine. When you call someone and the answering machine beeps, how do you feel? Not important, ignored maybe. Also there are many people who’ll not even bother to record a message for you. This surely spells like lost business, right? But leaving your telephone unmanned is something you simply cannot avoid. So, a outsourcing telephone answering service can be a great help here. With it, your callers will not have to record their messages to a machine; rather they can talk to a pleasant telephone assistant and leave their messages for you.

2) Proper communication: An answering service can handle your business calls in a professional manner and give proper feedback to the caller. This is something your answering machine cannot do.

3) Portrays a better face of the business: With a 24 hour answering service at your disposal, anyone who calls the business in your absence will be received by a telephone assistant and not a mere answering machine. This surely portrays an affluent face of the business. And money definitely attracts money.


4) Peace of mind: Now that you have a proper answering service in place, you can have the peace of mind to concentrate on other important things. You can be assured that you are never going to miss an important call ever. No matter what time of the day it is, there is someone who’ll attain the calls for you.

5) Saves a lot of time: Have you ever considered the time you spend on a daily basis to answer telephone calls? Well, it is pretty much for sure. With a telephone answering service you can leave attending the calls to them, when you attend to the more serious issues such as growing your business. You can only call back to the callers who are important to you.


6) Get record: With a telephone answering serving you can get the complete details of number of calls you are receiving on a daily basis. Also the kind of query you are getting. This data can prove to be vital for the growth of your business. So, these are the 6 reasons why you should go for an answering service rather that depending on the answering machine.


So, these are the reasons to go for an answering service rather that depending on the answering machine.

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