This article describes some of the crucial factors that need to be considered while opting for indoor / outdoor storage units. It will help you to decide which type to storage facility is best suited for your storage needs.

There are a couple of different options in choosing a storage unit and certain factors are involved in that choice. One factor involved in this choice would be if the items are being stored for longer or shorter periods of time. Another factor would be based on demographics and if the climate is wet or dry. Let's read out to know more.

To get started, the choice will be narrowed down to indoor and outdoor storage units. First, consider what is being stored. Storing important, perishable, or delicate items will most likely need an indoor, climate controlled storage unit. Storing construction equipment, recreational vehicles, or items that aren’t as sensitive to outdoor conditions could probably be stored in an outdoor storage unit. Keep in mind, outdoor storage units do not necessarily mean that the storage doors are directly exposed to the outdoors either. Some outdoor units do have exterior doors to enter with storage units located inside in the hallways, but still do not maintain climate controls.

Most outdoor storage units would be ok for short term storage of most household items. Choosing to use an outdoor unit for normal household items for a longer period of time might not be the best choice. Keep in mind the type of climate the items will be exposed to. If the items are exposed to humidity and moisture for a longer period of time, there is a risk of mold and mildew which ultimately may lead to damaged items. If it is a moderate, cooler climate, the items may be ok to go for a long term outdoor storage situation. More sensitive items like musical equipment or artwork would probably not benefit from a long term outdoor storage situation. It would also be beneficial to pack items that are sensitive to temperature or humidity like antique furniture or paper documents with care even in a short term outdoor storage unit, irrespective of the climate conditions. Items that are usually stored in a garage or basement would most likely be fine in an outdoor storage unit for long term situations.


A big difference between indoor and outdoor storage units is climate control. For a long term household item storage situation an indoor, climate controlled unit would probably be more sufficient. Storing delicate items like clothing, furniture, musical equipment, artwork, mattresses, and bedding would benefit from a long term indoor storage unit. There would be less risk of damage to items if leaving them for significant periods of time; especially in a wet, humid climate. There will be very little need for worry when items are stored properly in an indoor climate controlled storage facility.

Those are the biggest factors to consider when choosing between indoor and outdoor self storage units. Take all of these factors into consideration before making a decision. This will help ensure that all of the items are stored properly to minimize any damage that can occur during the process.

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