Creating memories through photographs is more than just a hobby for many people, it’s also a passion. Some love capturing awe inspiring natural sights while others enjoy bringing out the extraordinary in everyday life events through their photographs. Irrespective of which camp you belong to, there are few things more precious than new-born photography.

Anyone who has tried to photograph a new-born baby knows all too well the challenges involved. The challenges are no different if you are a photographer by profession except that now everyone expects you to know exactly how to get a little baby to pose for you.


Whether you’re a new parent looking to capture the most precious moments of your baby or a seasoned new-born photographer, here are some points that should help:

1. Be ready for the moment:

In regular photography you could manage to get the people involved together in a relatively short period of time. You often have the opportunity to take retakes almost instantly and you have time to adjust the light too. Not so for new-born babies. Often you will get a few minutes (if not seconds) where the baby is ready and willing to be photographed. This means you need to have your set ready with blankets, diapers, the right lighting, and any props you may need. Make sure the baby is comfortable and warm with blankets or clothes and she is just fed.

2. Is there a specific theme/pose you had in mind:

Knowing what kind of photographs you would like to capture of the baby and knowing the end purpose of the photograph will help getting the right pictures. For example the kind of photograph you want to capture for a card is often different from what you might capture for a framed wall hanging. Also did you plan to photograph parts of the baby like those adorable little feet and hands, or maybe an expression like a yawn? You might also want to consider whether you would like the parents involved in the photograph. This could be the typical baby clasping the parent’s finger, maybe even something different like the baby snuggly resting in the palm of your hand.


3. Get the family in:

Memories are never complete until you see the full picture. Getting a few snaps with the whole family together is a must have. This may also involve having a sibling carry the new-born. Now this isn’t the easiest part of the photoshoot but if pulled off well is a usually the cutest photograph in the album.


4. Don’t let being prepared kill the creativity in you:

It’s always great to be prepared when you go into a photo session for a new-born baby. Having a general theme, keeping in mind a few poses you have seen and know work well, and discussing these with the parents is all good. But nothing should dull the artist in you when you actually see the baby. Every baby is unique and often has some features that are more adorable than the rest. This could be the baby’s eyes, cheeks or even lips. Always keep an eye for what’s really special for this baby and look to capture that.


5. When is it best to photograph the new-born:

New-born photography is best taken when the baby is less than 2 weeks old. This is when the baby is likely to be most amenable although ensuring the baby is well fed and rested is still important. During this time the baby spends most of her time sleeping so it may not be as easy to get a shot with the baby awake.


There are few things in photography as challenging as capturing a beautiful new-born’s photograph. There are also few things as rewarding. Keeping in mind these 5 tips should help you evade some of the mistakes photographers generally make while trying to capture moments with new-borns and just enjoy the experience.

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