Borsalino hats have been popular for over a century. From actors to war correspondents, men who love style have worn hats from the company. The hat company, which is best known for their Fedora hats provides beautiful hats from different types of leather or fur. If you are thinking of buying Borsalino hats in New York, then these are the online stores that you should give a try.

Hat Madders

Change your world by accessorizing with hats. Hat Madders is one of the leading online stores that sells finest, exquisitely crafted Borsalino hats in New York. They offer the Italian companies Fedora hats, in beautiful, masculine hues, with designs that have gutter-dent, side-dented crown and the back snapped up. The brim of these Fedora hats from Borsalino is quite wide and the hat itself has a creased lengthwise down design, with pinched front on either sides. It’s here on the website that one can find hats similar to the ones worn by Michael Jackson and several other celebrities. The website’s classic Borsalino hats are available in full satin lining, silk hat band and fur felt. Roll Up hat, Verdi Fur Felt Hat and other products are also available.


Bencraft Hats

Another popular website for purchasing Borsalino hats in New York. Bellini by Borsalino is one of the most commonly chosen hat from the website. The handmade, exclusive hat is available on the website, just like it’s available on Hat Madders. This particular hat is a religious hat used by Jews. Apart from this hat, one can also purchase their classic, timeless open crown and matching narrow band Alessandria by Borsalino hats, which are available in various colours such as brown, steel grey and taupe.

Vestiaire Collective

Selling Borsalino hats in New York for women, Vestiaire is another website. The hats offered by the website are usually elegant summer hats in beautiful colours such as beige and khaki. The hats from Borsalino are known for not losing their shape, adding classic cuts to contemporary style. The website also offers Wicker Hats from different sellers, in bright colours such as beige and blue. Wool Borsalino Hats are also available on their website.


Del Monico Hatter

Established in 1908, this company offers Borsalino Hats and Caps, now selling them online. They have the brand’s casual crusher hat- the Borsalino Marco, special soft velour finish Fedora Hats and Fur Felt Hats. Their inventory includes crushable fur felt hats or Trilby hats as well.


JJ Hat Centre

One of the oldest hat stores in New York have their website as well. JJ Hat Centre offers a variety of brands, including Borsalino, providing their Fedora Hats in particular. One can shop for their products online, refer to the sizing chart before purchasing a hat to ensure that they are buying in the correct size.


So, which Borsalino hat are you going to buy?

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